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      International chartering and cargo forwarding of breakbulk cargoes
      Door to door one-stop logistic service
      Local freight forwarding business
    2. A professional team with expertise and experiences
    3. Prudent risk management system
    4. The precise customized service
    5. Seamless freight quality management
    6. Good access to carriers and well esta-
      blished logistic network worldwide
    7. Extremely competitive trading lines
    8. Extremely competitive trading lines
      Constantly strive for excellence, keep breaking the ceiling, and set up first-class brand

      We have been pursuing every bit of progress to achieve the best self, by strengthening communication with customers and partners, understanding our deficiencies through their feedbacks. In this way we can keep improving the services according to the needs of the customers.
      ABOUT US
      Shanghai Golden Banner Int’l Logistics Co., Ltd. (“GBL”), founded in 2005, is specialized in chartering, cargo booking & forwarding, and door to door logistic services for import & export of all kinds of pipelines, engineering project cargos, vehicles and trains, high value equipment, over-size and over-weight cargoes, steel products, etc. GBL is a well-known name in the sector of engineering logistics especially for pipeline transport. MORE

      Thriving by spirits of Artisan and Contract and taking the customer demand as orientation, we endeavor to enhance the company’s core competitiveness. With the enthusiasm for shipping logistics, perseverant pursuit of customized services, and good control over the quality and risk of the entire transport, we are confident to become one of the leading and sustainable international medium-sized logistics enterprises.